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Sarah L Rhoades, DVM

Providing quality veterinary services for horses in the greater Franklin County, Missouri area.

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... for you pasture King or Queen...

A wellness plan specifically designed for horses that don't travel much.

Wellness Plans-

Variety of plans for a variety of horses.

Comprehensive Veterinary Care

Rhoades Equine Veterinary Services offers quality, comprehensive veterinary care for horses in the greater Franklin County, Missouri area. 

Whether you're looking for routine care and services, or a focused work-up of a current problem - Rhoades Equine pushes the envelope in our quest to provide better health and preventative care to our equine companions. 

Our goal is to catch and developing diseases, before they become a problem - our hope is to better manage and treat these problems to buy a higher quality and longer life for your horses.

Move your cursor over the image for more information on each service.

Mobile Veterinary Services for Horses

Mobile Veterinary Services

Quality care for your horse directly on the farm.

While not all problems can be treated on the farm, mobile care does off it's advantages under some circumstances. Rhoades Equine Veterinary Service is euipped to providequality mobile care for horses. Click on the image for more information on this service and our range.

Mobile Veterinary Services

Manure is a common source of parasites in horses. Rhoades Equine Vet SVS offers Fecal Egg Count testing and a parasite control program based on those results.

Comprehensive Parasite Control

Strategic, effective, and targeted parasite control

Employ the very best care for your horse's parasite control program. Utilize Fecal Egg Counts to determine an appropriate de-worming program that fits your horse's needs. Reminders are sent out via SMS to remind you when your horse is due for additional treatments and what to give.

Click on the image for more information on Strategic Parasite Control and its benefits.

Comprehensive Parasite Control

Routine dentistry is an important part of equine health management. Rhoades Equine Vet SVS offers equine dentistry services over outside are normal practice range.

Equine Dentistry

Comprehensive Equine Dentistry

Dental prophylaxis is more than just rasping enamel points off your horse's teeth. There is so much that can happen when it comes to dental disease and what it takes to treat, manage, and prevent it. Click on the image for more information!

Equine Dentistry

Ultrasound image of the horse's fetlock. Rhoades Equine Vet Svc offers ultrasound services for orthopedic and reproductive diagnostics imaging.

Ultrasound Imaging

Diagnostic imaging with a range of applications

Ultrasound diagnostic imaging that can be used for reproductive, orthopedic, internal medicine work and a variety of other uses to visualize soft tissue structures. Click on the image for more information.

Ultrasound Imaging

Rhoades Equine Vet Svc provides digital Coggins and Certificate of Veterinary Examinations. Dr Rhoades is USDA certified in Missouri and Illinois to provide these services.

Digital Resources

Paperless and Digital Systems

Completely digital and paperless -  receive all reminders, invoices, payment receipts, and after care instructions, over email or SMS messages. Coggins Test and CVI's are delivered digitally over email. Online Pharmacy and shopping at Vets First Choice and Platinum Performance. Click the image for more information!

Digital Resources

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