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Mobile Services

Providing quality veterinary services for horses in the greater Franklin County, Missouri area.

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Sarah L Rhoades, DVM
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Service Range:

Rhoades Equine Veterinary Service provides mobile veterinary services to horses over an approximately 30 mile radius from Beaufort, Missouri encompassing Franklin County and some of the surrounding areas. Please be aware that range is approximate and may not fully guarantee service to all areas shown.

For specialty services such as Dentistry, we are willing to extend that range for a minimum number of horses. Please contact us for more information. Please be aware, because we feel that is important to have an established and well kept relationship with the local veterinarian you intend to use for emergencies, additional routine services are not available under these circumstances.

About this service:

Rhoades Equine Veterinary Service strictly provides mobile veterinary care and services to horses directly on the farm. 

Mobile care is both convenient and can be advantageous under some circumstances - including decreased stress associated with hauling, and access to veterinary care where the patient may not be easily moved.

While there are certainly things beyond the scope of care on the farm, Rhoades Equine strives to provide the highest quality services and are continuously expanding our capabilities to do more - including Ultrasound, and some Diagnostic Services we offer stall side.

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