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About Us

Providing quality veterinary services for horses in the greater Franklin County, Missouri area.

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Sarah L Rhoades, DVM

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Rhoades Equine Veterinary Service was formed with the intent to provide high quality veterinary services to horses in the greater Franklin County, Missouri area. The practice mission of REVS is to create lifelong memories by fulfilling potential and striving for excellence –perseverance is the driving force, and honesty & integrity the foundation of our philosophy.

Our mission may be further broken down into the following objectives:

  • To provide each and every client with a memorable experience, and to exceed expectations of quality and care for every patient.

  • To promote the quality and caliber of the equestrian community, as well as opportunities and competition in the St Louis area. This is both in the realm of our practice and by supporting those who seek it.

  • To support and foster the pursuit of horsemanship and husbandry practice in the region and those organizations devoted to that end.

  • To develop valued principles and opportunity for the next generation of equestrians investing in the future and legacy of horsemen and horsewomen of the St Louis region and support the organizations and communities that pursue it.

Our values and our tenants are as follows: Excellence, Success, Perseverance, Integrity, and Value.

  • Excellence in service and quality of care.

  • Success in the fulfillment of potential and to instill pride in achievement.

  • Perseverance through our failures and to always strive to improve and reach new heights.

  • Integrity in our character and moral fiber to lay all other attributes down in a foundation of bedrock.

  • Value to our client and community, created by fostering memorable experiences and exceeding expectations

In order to accomplish our mission, REVS strives to maintain healthy horses by treating the sick and injured as well as educating caregivers to achieve new levels of husbandry practice – we do this so that both horse and rider may achieve their full potential and pursue successful endeavors. When these moments are reached, we have successfully delivered our mission to our clients: to create moments of lifelong pride and memories.

Values and Tenants:

About Dr Rhoades

Dr Sarah L Rhoades grew up in St Clair, Missouri in the Franklin County area west of St Louis. After attending classes at East Central College and discovering a profound love of science, Dr Rhoades transferred to the University of Missouri and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in May 2012. Since graduation, she has been practicing in the St Louis area, exclusively on horses as both a general practitioner and as an Association Veterinarian for Fairmount Park Racetrack performing regulatory work. In 2018, Dr Rhoades returned to Franklin County and began Rhoades Equine Veterinary Service. True to her love of the equine athlete and her childhood dream of working with thoroughbred racehorses, she continues to perform regulatory work at Fairmount Park Racetrack. Dr Rhoades is an accomplished horsewoman and takes an active interest in Barrel Racing and Western Ranch Performance, pursuing both hobbies in her free time. She passionately utilizes her close understanding of the competitor, athlete, and partnership to provide even higher quality service to her clients and patients. Dr Rhoades takes great pride in seeing her patients and clients achieve new levels of success and opportunity.

Sarah L Rhoades, DVM and her barrel horse, Kid.
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