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  • Writer's pictureSarah L Rhoades, DVM

The threat in your own backyard - Sugar Rush

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Spring is classically the time where concerns about laminitis and founder start to surge - as grass begins to enter a cycle of rapid growth, vast amounts of sugars and non-structural carbohydrates are now abundant in your horse's diet.

Essentially, your horse is about to make 'Candy Canes' a whole food group by itself.

Coupled with endocrine dysfunction such as Equine Cushing's Disease (PPID), Metabolic Syndrome, and existing insulin resistance (IR) or Insulin Dysregulation (ID) can only spell out a recipe for disaster - laminitis namely.

Fortunately, there are treatments for these disease processes and there are significant management steps that can be taken that can improve, reduce, and even prevent in some cases, these diseases from spiraling out of control.

Check out this article from Platinum Performance discussing some nitty gritty details of the threat that faces your horses in upcoming months.


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