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Introducing Wellness Plans!

Winter always gets to be a slow time for equine practitioners (although, truly this year has been strangely chaotic!) - and I love it, because it gives me a real chance to slow down and soul search. What are my goals here? What can I do to get there?

It makes me a better practitioner, I do a better job taking care of you and your horses when I find that muse.

The questions I really pondered this winter is: Why do you want me out to see your horse every year? How can I serve that need better? Where am I failing my (truly wonderful) clients and their horses?

These wellness plans were designed with the intent to provide a higher level of care, monitoring, to practice better preventative medicine. Because at the end of the day, that's what I entered this field to do.

Check them out under the Wellness section of the Service at the top of the page!

Sarah L Rhoades, DVM

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